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The PNW Critical Care Summit includes a diverse arrangement of nationally known and locally renowned experts in critical care. Here you can find additional information about our featured session speakers and an outline of the 2020 agenda

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Kris Bauer 

Critical Care Flight Nurse

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Acid-Base and Critical Care Lab Interpretation: The ABC's of ABG's. Cases in Critical Care

Acid-Base and arterial blood gas (ABG) interpretation can be overwhelming but it does not have to be.  Once you understand the basic science and principles of ABG’s, the interpretation can be quite simple.  In just one session, the attendee will be able to interpret ABG values and critical care labs to inform the correct diagnosis of the alteration in physiologic processes that cause acid-base disorders.  A critical care case based approach will allow attendees to apply these skills in ABG interpretation throughout this interactive session.


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Kimberly Kelly

Clinical Consultant

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Dear Stroke Volume, You Saved my Patient's Life!: The History of Fluid Responsiveness and Vital Signs

Kimberly Kelly has been a registered nurse, specializing in critical care and open-heart recovery for over 14 years. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Oregon in 2008, where she started getting involved in her local AACN chapter. For years, Kimberly has been very involved in the Greater Portland Chapter of AACN. She has taken on numerous board positions, from chairing and executing the GPC-AACN Critical Care Fall Symposium, to President of the chapter.  Kimberly has been on several Speakers’ Bureaus for medical companies and was a contributing author for Nicole Kupchik’s Ace the CSC: You Can Do It! Study Guide.  Kimberly is a Clinical Consultant for Baxter Healthcare.

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Nicole Kupchik

Independent CNS 

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Critical Care Studies You Should Know About

What's New in Sepsis

Nicole Kupchik is the CEO of Nicole Kupchik Consulting & Education. As an independent clinical nurse specialist and educator, she consults and educates on a wide range of topics to the critical care community. Nicole has held multiple positions in the critical care area and holds certifications in progressive and critical care, cardiac surgery, and cardiac medicine. She is certified clinical nurse specialist.

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Missy Carter

Emergency Medicine PA

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Death by Laryngoscope

Missy is former paramedic firefighter with the City of Bremerton who currently practices as a PA in emergency medicine, as well as holding a faculty appointment with the Tacoma Community College paramedic program.  Her interests include advanced airway management, teaching and animal welfare.

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Mike Carter

Intensive Care PA

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So Your Patient is Dead: An Evidenced Based Approach to the In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Mike Carter is a PA with experience in cardiac and medical ICUs. Mike currently practices in collaboration with an intensivist team in Tacoma, WA covering four area hospitals.